Cory Booker Oversells Himself to Save Failing Campaign

With weeks left until primary voting begins, 2020 Democrats are eager to campaign as much as possible. Various candidates have different strategies; some are attempting to reach voters, while others rely upon cheap attacks, lobbing insults, or, in the case of Cory Booker, overselling themselves.

Cory Booker by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Cory Booker” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On Friday, Booker sat down for an interview with MSNBC. Breitbart News reports Booker’s claims that nominating him as the Democrat nominee will ensure that members of his party win various Senate seats. When making these claims, Booker didn’t provide any evidence or explain the strategy which would aid Democrats in winning Senate seats.

Reviewing Booker’s Unfounded Claims About Getting the Nomination

The 2020’s Democrat’s statements on MSNBC were incredibly bold and presumptuous. Booker is a low-polling candidate and on multiple occasions has struggled to raise funds to sustain his campaign. Earlier this week, Americans learned that Booker’s Super PAC, Dream United, is shutting down due to the inability to garner the desired amount of capital.

Nevertheless, Booker is living in his own world and believes that he really has a shot at winning the nomination. Moreover, Booker is claiming that winning the nomination will somehow cause a “wave election” for Democrats in the Carolinas and in Georgia. At another point in the segment, the 2020 candidate also professed that he has the ability to turn out the “entire base” of the Democrat Party.

Expectations vs. Reality

The claims made by Booker may very well be what he would like to see happen. However, the reality simply doesn’t measure up.

For starters, the 2020 Democrat hasn’t demonstrated that he has what it takes to energize primary voters within his party. If Booker had what it took, he wouldn’t be polling in the single digits and below several other candidates.

Cory Booker with attendees by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Cory Booker with attendees” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Since his time as a presidential candidate, Booker has defended and promoted radically far-left policies; he’s furthermore failed to bring anything unique or valuable to the 2020 election.

Right now, the best course of action for Cory Booker is to drop out of the race (pronto!) and stop wasting time and money on a campaign that’s going nowhere.

What do you think about Cory Booker’s statements on MSNBC? Would him winning the Democrat nomination cause members of the party to take Senate seats from Republicans? Sound off in the comments section below!