Conway Explains Why Democrats Will Lose 2020

The Democrat Party has ironically continued to dig their own grave as they employ desperate measures to defeat President Trump. This predates the 2020 presidential election and goes back to when Trump first defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Since then, the Democrat Party promoted bogus conspiracy theories, wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on useless investigations, engaged in violent protests and so much more. Now, with the 2020 presidential election season upon us, it’s clear that Democrats have yet to learn their lesson.

Ultimately, the extremism of the Democrat Party will prompt their own downfall when President Trump wins a second term next year. This is something that many Americans already know deep down and it’s something which White House counselor Kellyanne Conway shared with the nation during an interview with Fox News. Conway noted that regardless of who the Democrats choose to represent their party in a general election, that nominee will still be forced to defend socialism.

A Closer Look at Conway’s Thoughts on the 2020 Election

On Sunday, Conway stated that the nominee Democrats will pick is immaterial, whether it’s Joe Biden or a different candidate. The counselor to the president also noted that policies which the Democrat Party favors, such as the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All, free healthcare to illegals at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, etc, won’t go over well with Americans. This is something which has been pointed out to Democrats before, even by moderates within their own party, but they still aren’t listening.

Furthermore, Conway pointed out that any Democrat nominee will be forced to rally behind socialism whilst simultaneously campaigning against the successful “Trump economy.”

See more of Conway’s interview with Fox News Sunday for yourself:

More on Why Democrats Can’t Win a General Election

At this point, anyone who truly believes the Democrat Party can win a general election is kidding themselves. The Democrats have become so radical that there’s no way they will be able to appeal to Americans who are not radical leftists or socialists.

Part of winning a general election means appealing to Americans from multiple demographics, including independents and conservatives. This is something which President Trump successfully accomplished in 2016. Democrats fail to realize that they cannot win a general election with only the far left vote; primary elections and general elections are entirely different ballgames.

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