Concerns Arise Over McDonald’s Racism

McDonald’s has been accused of discrimination on the basis of race.

The National Action Network, an independent civil rights organization led by Rev. Al Sharpton, threatened to mobilize against the restaurant chain until the claims are addressed.

Racism in McDonald’s

While National Action Network opted not to release the contents of the letter, Sharpton said he penned a letter to McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski on Thursday.

He called on the business to respond to concerns about racial discrimination in its hiring, marketing, and franchising procedures.

Sharpton said they think the McDonald’s Corporation’s negligence to fix its disputes with the black community was surprising and objectionable.

Legal measures have been carried out by black franchisees. Yet a different lawsuit was submitted by a black former executive alleging systemic racism.

He continued by saying we should keep in mind the $10 billion case filed by Byron Allen regarding the reality that black-owned press did not receive a proper portion of McDonald’s scaled-up marketing budgets.

NAN expressly regarded John Rogers’ discharge from the company’s board of directors of the McDonald’s Corporation as a problem that needed to be resolved.

They claimed they are quite repulsed by John Rogers’ dismissal from the Board of Directors, a well-known corporate figure in the black community.

They categorically insist that they do it right away or they’ll launch a national campaign against McDonald’s. They claimed that the company cannot provide black people with minimal justice while selling them Big Macs.

Following 20 years within the business, Rogers left the board of directors in March of this year. Along with Rogers, Robert Eckert became part of the board in May 2003 and they both stepped down at precisely the same time.

McDonald’s Denies Racism

In a press announcement revealing Rogers and Eckert’s retirement, McDonald’s stated these departures are in line with the board’s dedication to continuous refreshment that ensures a suitable equilibrium of consistency and institutional expertise.