Commuters Flee Apocalypse on LA Metro as Drug Junkies Take Over

Commuters have deserted the metro in Los Angeles. The system has practically been conquered by numerous drug users, including many who take fentanyl on trains.

The Latest Democrat-run Post-apocalyptic Landscape

A growing number of once truly magnificent American cities and communities seem to be succumbing to lawlessness, chaos, and crime. That’s after being ruled by Marxist-Communist Democrats who care about wokeness, but not about the safety and well-being of hardworking ordinary Americans.

Woke “justice reform,” deliberate insane soft-on-crime policies, and even more stupefying “defund the police” crusades are wreaking havoc under Democrat local authorities.

The Democrat Party is increasingly conquered from within by America-hating liberals whose ultimate goal seems to be building a full-fledged totalitarian, far-left anti-utopia.

The latest case in hand of societal collapse brought about by Democrats appears to be the Los Angeles Metro. It presently seems like a post-apocalyptic “Walking Dead” zone conquered by drug addict junkies.

One can tell the situation is particularly bad, since it has been exposed by a major leftist mainstream media outlet, The Los Angeles Times.

The “shocking” LA Times report quoted by Breitbart News reveals the LA Metro is now the site of “crime, drugs, and human filth.” It once was the “hope and pride” of one of America’s most important cities.

It’s noted that the catastrophic drug addicts’ invasion of the Los Angeles light rail transit system occurred against the backdrop of Democratic rulers of the city.

They are boasting about their Green New Deal and plan to convince millions of drivers to abandon their cars and shift to public transportation.

In reality, however, the opposite development has occurred. LA residents are abandoning the metro to run away from the horrible junkie zombie landscape.

Soon ‘Beyond Salvation’

The LA Times report does not shy away from calling a spade a spade. The report’s headline talks about a “horror” involving “deadly drug overdoses” and “crime” on the metro trains.

It reveals that since January, a total of 22 people have lost their lives, due to suspected drug overdoses while riding on Metro trains and buses. On top of that, serious crimes committed on the LA Metro system spiked by 24% in 2022, compared with 2021.

The article reveals in January, the LA Metro’s Gold Line had only 30% of the passengers than it had before the COVID-19 pandemic, while the Red Line was at 56%.

At the same time, the Crenshaw Line, whose construction cost $2.1 billion and has been touted as an exception with less crime, has been averaging only 2,100 weekday boardings.

Meanwhile, according to the LA County Health Department, fentanyl deaths spiked by 1,280% – from 109 cases in 2016 to 1,504 cases in 2021.

The report points out in spite of the Metro adding 300 unarmed “ambassadors” who help commuters and report crime, the LA light rail system might soon be “beyond salvation,” due to the growing homelessness and the “fentanyl pandemic.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.