Communist Party Throws Support Behind Joe Biden

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For quite some time now, Republicans have continued to warn that Joe Biden is no moderate Democrat.
At this point, it is politically advantageous for Biden to claim he’s a moderate while embracing radical progressivism behind the scenes.

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Asserting the former vice president as a moderate allows his political allies to try to poach Never Trump Republicans over to the Biden camp; meanwhile, when the former vice president adopts radical policies like defunding the police and enacting a Green New Deal, he’s in a better spot to win over progressive voters.
Now, Biden has landed an endorsement from none other than the Communist Party, reports Breitbart News.

Why is the Communist Party Supporting Joe Biden?

Bob Avakian, the Communist Party’s leader and founder gave quite an endorsement to Biden over the weekend. The communist professed that the former vice president is the one shot that Americans have at “effectively vote against Trump.” Avakian also made sure to note his opposition against third-party voting.
In endorsing Biden, the Communist Party’s leader also tore into capitalism, referring to it as an “exploitative, oppressive, and literally murderous system.” Avakian then stated that while he doesn’t view Biden as necessarily “better” than the president, Biden is the one opportunity to take down a “whole fascist regime.”

Avakian’s disdain for what he labels as a “fascist regime” is fascinating to many Americans. While communist is considered to be far-left and fascism is considered to be far-right, the specific tendencies of these systems are nearly identical to one another, per the horseshoe theory.

Response from Joe Biden

At this time, the former vice president has not publically reacted to the presidential endorsement from the Communist Party. Quite frankly, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for this to change.
Politically, many of today’s Democrats align with communist values and beliefs. Therefore, it would be politically disadvantageous for the former vice president to disassociate himself from communists.

Americans must also remember than Biden has already embraced a series of socialist policies. Communism is truly not that far removed from socialism; furthermore, with each passing day, the Democrat Party goes a little bit further to the left.
For all intents and purposes, the moderate Democrat Party from twenty or even ten years ago is long gone.
What do you make of communists throwing their support behind Joe Biden? How do you think this endorsement will impact the former vice president’s campaign? Let us know in the comments section below!