Come Again? NBC News Seems To Have Scrubbed The Word Terrorist With The Political Correctness Cloth

At this point, the mainstream media’s tendency to ignore certain facts and engage in political correctness should not come as a shock to anyone. Unfortunately, this habit can be quite frustrating and damaging, especially when lives hang in the balance, as noted by Townhall.

The Latest Occurrence of Political Correctness

In essence, NBC News put out a report which seemingly contradicts President Trump’s claims about terrorists exploiting holes in the U.S. immigration system for their own benefit. In their piece, the media outlet claimed that “only six immigrants” within a terrorism database were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection agents. The Trump administration has previously stated that Customs and Border Patrol agents have prevented 4,000 suspected or known terrorists from entering the United States.

However, towards the end of their report, NBC News vaguely conceded that their data may not be particularly up-to-date.

See for yourself:

“The data was the latest set on this topic provided to Congress. It is possible that the data was updated since that time, but not provided to Congress.”

Immigration and Political Correctness

Attempting to be politically correct does not erase the truth and facts about immigration. The current system is in dire need of reform. The fact that terrorists are employing the gaps and holes in order to sneak into the country is dangerous; it shouldn’t matter if there are four terrorists or 4,000 terrorists.

Instead of trying to be politically correct, the liberal left ought to take a hard look at what’s really happening and come together to work with President Trump and conservatives. There are many lives which quite literally hang in the balance and will be directly impacted by the actions at the U.S. Southern border.


What are your thoughts on the media’s latest attempt to be politically correct? How do you feel about the situation at the border? Let us know in the comments section below.

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