CNN Tries to Clean Up "Mistakes" of New ​York Times

The dishonesty and malice which the liberal mainstream media displays has repeatedly come back to bite them. Since Trump’s entry into the world of politics, various outlets have waged a political vendetta against him by reporting half-truths, leaving critical details out of stories, and otherwise twisting things in order to promote untrue narratives. This pattern has been pointed out, not only by President Trump himself, but also by conservatives and other Trump supporters.

New reports from the Washington Examiner show that the media is now appearing to clean up their earned reputation of being fake news. On Saturday, CNN anchors discussed how “mistakes” of the New York Times have collectively hurt the publication and supplied the president with “ammunition against the media as a whole.”

Ongoing, dishonest reports are not “mistakes,” but it’s interesting to see the media begin to admit that they’re often not accurate or truthful.

The Attempt to Save Face

On Saturday night, both Brian Stelter and S.E. Cupp of CNN discussed the challenging times which the Times is currently facing. Cupp began by noting that the publication is “having a rough year” as a result of various gaffes and bad reports.

Then Stelter chimed in with his take. According to him, “strong editors” with the ability to spot mistakes and potentially embarrassing reports are the solution to the current plight of the Times. Furthermore, Stelter bemoaned that mistakes of the publication will lead to President Trump supposedly having “ammunition” against the collective press.

Stelter’s precise statements on the matter read as follows:

“Politicians like President Trump can use it as ammunition against the media as a whole. So what I hope is happening at the Times, and what I think is happening, is that kind of conversation about where are the checks and balances, the multiple layers of editing that everybody needs. Everybody needs a good editor.”

The Responsibility of the Press

In spite of the media’s anti-Trump agenda, the majority of Americans still rely upon the press for information on events which are happening in this country. Therefore, they have the responsibility to be honest and truthful. The problem with the media is that far too often, they opine instead of reporting.

Nobody cares about which press members dislike the president and wish that Clinton would have won the 2016 election. That’s irrelevant; what matters are the facts. CNN, the New York Times, and other left-leaning outlets have a history of blending the news with their opinions. This is why they are repeatedly branded as fake news and called out by President Trump.

Contrary to what the media and progressives might believe, the press is not above reproach. Citizens have the right to call out the media if they disagree with something or believe that truths are being left out; the right to criticize the press also extends to the president. If the press doesn’t like Trump having “ammunition,” perhaps they should return to factual reporting and leaving opinions and biases for when the cameras stop rolling.

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