CNN Slanders Trump: He's "Thuggish!"

The fake news media continues to work in cahoots with the Democrat Party in order to slander and defame President Trump.

It’s actually quite unfortunate; the job of the press is to report the news, not opine. Sadly, outlets like CNN, the New York Times, etc. regularly express their disdain and loathing for Trump. The president has sparred with fake news on multiple occasions, calling them out for a series of false and misleading reports; nevertheless, these outlets still persist.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Since Trump’s time in politics, he’s repeatedly clashed with CNN. To date, the tense relationship remains very much what it is; yesterday, the network only further cemented their reputation as a fake news organization by calling Trump “thuggish.”

Reports from Breitbart News confirm that CNN analyst Kirsten Powers claimed the president’s tweets about impeachment and the testimony of different witnesses make him a “thug.”

Why CNN Views Trump as “Thuggish”

First Amendment rights are imperative in America, especially as the left continues to rally for censorship of those who dissent. The ability to post online is a significant part of free speech; however, CNN slammed the president for tweeting out about the witnesses providing testimony in the impeachment inquiry.

According to Powers, the president is somehow “moving people, punishing people” by publishing online posts about a coordinated coup to remove him from office. The political analyst continued by calling Trump “thuggish” and alleging that he “operates like he’s a king, basically.”

At this point, the left will say anything because they have no real defenses left. Trump’s tweets about the impeachment proceedings remind Americans of the truth while Democrats continue to grasp at straws and do whatever it takes to avoid facing him in 2020. CNN’s view of Trump as a “thug” is fascinating, especially since they don’t believe that treasonous attempts to remove a duly-elected president are thuggish. 

When CNN and other outlets wonder why they are referred to as fake news, they should look no further than people like Kirsten Powers.

Let Truth Prevail

President Trump and other Americans should continue to call out this impeachment sham for precisely what it is. Speaking out against a coup to rewrite the results of an election is nothing short of patriotic; the Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves for this utter waste of taxpayers’ dollars and time.

CNN by hyku, on Flickr

CNN” (CC BY 2.0) by hyku

Instead of working with Republicans in Congress, the left has chosen to wage war against Trump because they cannot defeat him at the ballot box. Their candidates are way too far-left; their policies are inherently inferior and wholly anti-American. The more that Democrats desperately attempt to cling to power, the more they’re sealing their fate and ensuring their loss of power.

How do you feel about CNN’s assessment of President Trump? Is tweeting out about the impeachment coup “thuggish?” Don’t hold back in the comments section below!