CNN Mocks ‘Serial Flag Hugger’ Trump For Embracing American Flag At CPAC

It’s sad to realize that Democrats have reached the point of hating America so much that even hugging the flag is offensive to them.

However, the left-wing continues to show what they’re really all about, particularly as it pertains to President Trump embracing the American flag this past weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). This offended CNN so much that they aired a segment in which they mocked the president for hugging the flag, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Embracing the American Flag

There are many reasons for one to hug the American flag. Countless Americans have fought and died for this country to remain free. The flag represents strength, freedom, and sacrifice to so many people across this nation. Of course, the past year has shown us that conservatives and other members of the right-wing are likelier to be patriotic than their left-leaning counterparts. After all, conservatives are not the ones talking about how much they hate America or what a terrible country this is.

Sadly, CNN seems to fall into the category of people who do not truly love and cherish America. Their network saw fit to brand the president as the “flag hugger-in-chief.”

See for yourself:

“Ever since the flag hugger-in-chief did this the other day — the president holding and murmuring sweet nothings to the stars and stripes has led to strife. One man’s grope is another’s patriotic caress of old glory, which the White House glorified, by tweeting a photo captioned ‘America!’ And Donald Trump Jr. instagrammed, ‘Oh hell yes.'”

The Real Question

At the end of the day, the real question we should be asking is this: why does the left hate America so much?

This is very real and valid. Why is embracing the American flag or openly showing signs of patriotism so offensive to progressives and other members of the left-wing? Perhaps the Democrats should get to the bottom of this before going after President Trump.

As the old saying states, “no good deed goes unpunished.”


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