Clinton Says Trump Obstructed Justice

On Saturday, two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spent time at Wellesley College in order to partake in a public speaking engagement. During her time amongst the audience, Clinton professed that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice, according to Fox News.
This claim comes after Mueller’s recent follow-up remarks to the findings of his Russia investigation.

Why Does Clinton Believe Trump Obstructed Justice?

If you let Clinton tell it, the reason she believes collusion happened is due to the content of Mueller’s findings. However, the facts simply don’t bear this out. By Mueller’s own admission, he and his team were unable to charge the president with a crime. If Trump actually did commit a crime and sufficient evidence of this existed, as Clinton claims, then Mueller would have charged the president accordingly.
Knowing when you’ve lost is important; however, this seems to be something which Democrats struggle with. Clinton can’t accept that she lost the 2016 presidential election fair and square. Democrats can’t accept the fact that after an investigation which lasted for nearly two years, there is no evidence whatsoever to affirm that the president of the United States committed any crime whatsoever.
Clinton’s claims that President Trump obstructed justice can be seen in the following footage:

The Hidden Truth

As you can see in this video, Clinton is clearly speaking to an audience and doing all she can to convince them that the president engaged in the obstruction of justice. However, what may be less apparent is the fact that Clinton is also trying to convince herself of this.
Claiming that Russia interfered and asserting that obstruction of justice occurred are the only ways for Clinton to justify losing to President Trump in 2016. Even to this day, that loss still haunts her and Clinton cannot get over the fact that she simply isn’t good enough to be president of the United States.
What do you think about Clinton’s claims? Are they sour grapes over losing the 2016 presidential election? Sound off in the comments section down below!
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