Cleveland 19 News Receives Bomb Threat Demanding LGBTQ+ Merchandise in Target

The threat of a bomb was made against five local Target shops on Friday afternoon last week, according to Cleveland 19 News.

This is Insane

The threat, which was sent to Target via email at 12:26 p.m., focused on its LGBTQ+ products.

The employees of the news station took immediate steps. They filed reports with the Cleveland Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, in addition to all neighborhood police departments.

Although rapid action was implemented to guarantee that no one was wounded, it was unclear whether the potential dangers were real.

Targets in Jackson Township, Boardman, Stow, Niles, and Monaca, Pennsylvania were victims of the frightening email.

Several hours following the threat, 19 News talked with Target patrons in Jackson Township. The entire nation is experiencing it, according to Darryl Wampler. He said there’s always something wherever you go.

Threats were made when national retailer Target pulled some of its LGBTQ+ products in response to harsh criticism from consumers who knocked over exhibits, in accordance with the Associated Press.

Customer Quinlan Shell claims to know plenty of individuals in the area who were not fans of LGBT merchandise in the shops, although claims to not be bothered by it personally.

They expressed surprise by saying they never imagined someone might go to such lengths as a bomb threat to try and get the merchandise back on shelves.

After some consumers allegedly threatened staffers and even pushed over exhibits, Target reportedly removed some Pride-related products. After the uproar, according to the AP, Target moved its Pride-related products to the rear of select southern locations.

Wampler remarked they shouldn’t have done that, that people are just people. He said he doesn’t care who anyone is; everyone is their own person, just like himself.

Fake Bomb Threats are Illegal

However, some customers, like Timothy Adkins, were relieved Target removed the Pride goods.

Following Gov. Mike DeWine’s signing of a bill in January declaring swatting calls a fourth-degree crime in Ohio, the new legislation became effective on April 3.