Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down After Nearing Nuclear Sites

A crucial congressman with access to high security material made an unsettling allegation. He said if you calculated the route of the Chinese surveillance balloon, it would show where the country’s most important and potent armaments are kept.

Spy Balloon Visits Nuclear Sites

GOP Rep. Mike Turner, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, informed the press if they were to get someone to mark on a map every site that houses America’s defense missiles and nuclear weapons, it would reveal the path the Chinese surveillance balloon traveled across America.

He revealed this on Sunday.

The specialists who monitor where all those armaments are kept believe Turner is partly right.

In accordance with the Nuclear Information Project of the Federation of American Scientists, the spy balloon was seen hovering close to Malmstrom Air Force Base in the state of Montana.

This is where the United States keeps more than 150 missile storage facilities housing that’s part of its land-based nuclear weapons.

Spottings indicate the blimp also passed through Offutt Air Force Base, which is near Omaha, Nebraska’s U.S. Strategic Command. The facility that is responsible for the control of the nation’s nuclear weapons is based in Offutt.

Sen. Eric Schmitt, a Republican from Missouri, said it was also seen by Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. The B-2 covert aircraft, which can deliver both conventional and nuclear missiles, is housed at the site.

Under the terms of anonymity, a U.S. official admitted the blimp had flown over some key sites, but the country feels it was unable to gather any additional intelligence above what China’s advanced surveillance satellites already have.

The head of the Nuclear Information Project, Hans Kristensen, claims even non-military satellites can deliver a respectable image of the nation’s nuclear plants.

According to him, even Google Earth can review extremely high-resolution images of each and every missile silo in Montana, the progress of development at Offutt Air Force Base, and more.

There is currently far too much material available to the general public that finding anything visually would require something quite special. The nation’s recognized nuclear sites have been ignored by the spy balloon.

It did not appear to travel very far from Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska or from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

As per Nuclear Information Project, it seemed to travel mainly between those two specific locations that each house over 150 missile sites for the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Chinese Balloon Shot Down

Experts added it is still unknown what information the blimp might have gathered that the Chinese would not’ve discovered using conventional satellite images and potential intelligence capabilities.

Just after an American F-22 Raptor gunned the blimp down on Saturday afternoon, the American military is attempting to retrieve the balloon’s remains in the Atlantic Ocean.