China’s Dictator Begged Biden to Stop Nancy Pelosi, Joe Was Powerless

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is deemed a loose cannon not just in American politics, but also globally.

A new report reveals China’s dictator Xi Jinping literally begged President Joe Biden to stop her from visiting Taiwan, but Sleepy Joe declared he was powerless to do so.

Pelosi Made Global Uproar

Nancy Pelosi made global headlines at the beginning of August when she visited Taiwan, an informal US ally claimed as its own territory by Communist China.

Pelosi, who is the highest-ranking US politician to visit Taiwan since the mid-1990s, absolutely infuriated the communist regime in Beijing.

China construed her trip to the self-ruling island as an act of US support for official Taiwanese independence if the island ever decides to declare it.

The Chinese were so mad they even used their official English-language propaganda mouthpiece, The Global Times, to threaten to shoot down Pelosi’s plane.

Though Pelosi did visit Taiwan; the Chinese were exposed to be toothless as nobody shot her down from the skies.

Beijing just didn’t dare take on America. The otherwise furious Chinese leadership had to limit itself to large-scale military drills all around Taiwan and additional sanctions against the island.

Against that backdrop, there have been speculations that Pelosi didn’t go to Taiwan to support freedom and democracy as much as she went to distract the US public from scandals engulfing her family.

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Biden – Xi Phone Call Not What It Was Made Out to Be

Six days before Nancy Pelosi made it to Taiwan, there was a two-hour phone call between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. The former threatened to “burn” America if it kept playing with the Taiwan “fire,” at least according to the reports of the Chinese media.

In reality, however, Xi actually pleaded with Biden to prevent “Crazy Nancy” from going to Taiwan and stirring up international tensions, according to a report by The Washington Post, citing an unnamed senior White House official.

According to the official, Biden responded to the pleas of the Chinese dictator by declaring he could do nothing about Pelosi choosing to go to Taiwan. She is from a separate branch of the US government and thus outside of his control.

The official also claims it was Biden who issued grave warnings to Xi against any Chinese “provocative or coercive steps” over Pelosi’s trip to the self-ruling island.

The official readout of the Biden – Xi telephone conversation on July 28 did not mention anything about the two leaders even discussing Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan.

In public, even before the call with Xi, Sleepy Joe actually made it clear that he disapproved of Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan, arguing the US military considered it a bad idea.

The report reveals private officials from the Biden administration made it clear they were frustrated by Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan because it was creating unnecessary tensions with China.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.