China Tries Learning From Russia’s Mistakes in Ukraine, Preps to Invade Taiwan

Another potential war seems to be looming large.

Beijing is clearly studying the mistakes made by murderous Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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Xi and Putin Were Threatening Invasions Simultaneously

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, however, has been a disaster for him and Russia in more than one way.

Russian troops are being pummeled by fierce Ukrainian defenders. Russia’s economy and foreign assets are getting battered and/or frozen by the United States and its western allies.

Apparently, the no less murderous regime of communist China is now studying what Putin and his stooges did wrong.

They are researching how to attack Taiwan in order to conquer it, without exposing Beijing’s financial assets abroad to the wrath of western nations.

Against this backdrop, it is worth noting that Taiwan is far more connected with the United States than Ukraine ever was.

China is vastly more powerful in finances and resources than Russia. It has far more to fear if it invades Taiwan because if the Chinese communists strike Taiwan, it seems almost certain that America and its allies in the region will intervene.

Putin’s Bizarre War Lessons

Apparently, Communist China remains unperturbed by Putin’s unfolding abject failure to conquer Ukraine.

Beijing continues to consider seriously the option of trying to conquer Taiwan. Top-level Chinese officials recently held a meeting with the country’s banks to study how to defend against a western “economic attack.”

Reports say the US government is considering imposing similar sanctions on communist China if the latter ever decides to try to conquer Taiwan by force.

Nobody Has a Solution to China’s Imperial Problem

Apparently, the results from the Chinese emergency banking meeting weren’t very encouraging for the Chinese government, as a source familiar with the meeting told The Financial Times.

The source disclosed nobody from the meeting could think of a “good solution” to China’s problem. The Chinese banking system is seriously exposed and “not prepared” for a potential freezing of its “dollar assets.”

It’s not prepared for being excluded from the international banking communication system SWIFT, a sanction measure already partly applied to Russia.

The rationale here is the Chinese economy is far bigger than the Russian one, and much more intertwined with America’s.

It is noted that while key businesses from communist China stopped doing business with Russia in order to avoid being sanctioned by the US, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping preserved certain economic connections to Russia.

The same report also reveals that in early March 2022, barely a couple of weeks into Putin’s invasion, top US and British officials met in order to discuss Taiwan’s situation and the threat of an invasion by communist China.

The United States has been seeking to engage with its allies, such as Japan and Australia, and even European nations, against China.

China keeps carrying out provocations against Taiwan by constantly sending air force fleets to violate Taiwanese airspace. Even Putin’s abject failures in Ukraine don’t seem to deter the Xi regime from plotting to conquer Taiwan.