China is Testing America. Will We Stand Strong?

Analysts told Fox News China’s recent aggressiveness toward Taiwan demonstrates Beijing’s desire to put the Biden government to the test. This is especially in light of the US’ shocking withdrawal from Afghanistan.

China’s Threat Against Taiwan

China, which asserts ownership over Taiwan, has dispatched dozens of airplanes to the country’s anti-aircraft area in the previous month. This comes as part of a more assertive posture to the region that has been building for years.

President Xi Jinping also called for its “peaceful reunification,” and repeatedly calls for it to be incorporated into China. Taiwan is considered a renegade state by Beijing, which claims it as a component of its own sovereignty.

China has been exerting pressure on the independent nation while rejecting its participation in international institutions, such as the United Nations, since the two countries separated in 1949.

Although the United States does not technically acknowledge Taiwan, we have an informal connection with Taiwan and support its democratically elected government.

Experts argue although there are numerous reasons (like domestic power conflicts) why China has been intensifying its aggressive moves against the US ally lately, another of those supporting factors is the messy US exit from Afghanistan.

“They crank up the tension on Taiwan, on the US, and on our determination,” James Anderson (director of the Center of Global Politics and a top defense officer in the Trump administration) told Fox News.

The abrupt departure at the end of August is widely regarded as having harmed the United States’ international standing and credibility. Chinese state media have mocked the US as a result of the shambolic exit.

China Knows Biden Makes Us Week

The Global Times tweeted, “The US today demonstrated to the world it is still unable, unwilling to engage a minor adversary in Afghanistan with very simple weapons. As a result, when it asks its partners to take on large powers like Russia and China in the foreseeable future, few will comply.”

The violence prompted the pullout, according to Heino Klinck (a former deputy assistant defense secretary for East Asia), but he feels it supports an image of US helplessness.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in Chinese viciousness and courage over the last year,” he stated. “You could make the argument this isn’t something new and affiliated with the pullout from Kabul; although, the withdrawal from Afghanistan feeds the Chinese story of the US’ eventual fall.”

He cautioned the United States’ reluctance to support Taiwan may be much more harmful to the country’s international standing. “If the United States’ dedication to Taiwan is questioned, it will send a signal to the rest of the world the Afghanistan disaster will be dwarfed,” he warned.

“[The Chinese] are absolutely attempting to establish a story, promote, and further a narrative saying the United States is an untrustworthy ally and friend. That needs to be opposed,” Anderson said.