China Has Totally Infiltrated American Industry

According to Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA), a Republican House Intelligence Committee study showed China’s negative influence growing across corporate America; this influence exists particularly in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agribusiness, entertainment, media, finance, sports, and technology sectors.

The inquiry is still underway; however, Nunes (who disclosed it on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Future with Maria Bartiromo) stated that early conclusions had been made.

The Chinese Government (CCP) is influencing and tricking U.S. enterprises into sharing vital innovations with Beijing and assisting China in acquiring sensitive trade secrets; ultimately, this helps Chinese companies at the cost of the industry sector, according to the report.

China Is Giving The Orders

It was also discovered that Chinese authorities are advising and directing American corporations in order to influence their commercial operations, investment plans, and company strategies in China’s favor.

Revelations also arose that China uses a variety of tactics to influence and mold occurrences and popular sentiment in order to harm US national and economic safety.

As per a background study on the probe acquired by Breitbart News, American industry writ large is enmeshed in this effort, both knowingly and unknowingly.

President Xi Jinping and the CCP have made no secret of their desire for China to become the world’s preeminent economic and military force by 2049.

In order to accomplish this, the CCP has started on aggressive plans to purchase vital technology. For instance, its Made in China 2025 strategy states its ambitions to become the world leader in some critical technologies by 2025; meanwhile, its present five-year plan focuses on scientific-technical innovation and breakthroughs in the healthcare, educational, and financial services industries.

CCP representatives serving as board members and senior execs in U.S. firms are progressing China’s goals to acquire new tech and pierce the American market, according to the GOP-led investigation; CCP representatives are also causing U.S. businesses to change their initiatives and strategies, due to fears of Chinese opposition.

It was discovered that China is pursuing its objectives through investing in American financial products, especially through American hedge funds and banks; this is done in order to get access to strategic investments in U.S. startups, technological innovations, biosciences, and factories.

Beijing is furthermore influencing U.S. enterprises to form the public’s perception of China and impact legislative and executive choices at the regional, state, and federal levels to benefit Beijing, according to the report.

They Are Actively Managing Their PR

To censor bad comments about China by employees or executives, China will threaten to cancel contracts with US companies and block access to Chinese markets. China would also intimidate media and entertainment companies, in order to influence how the country is portrayed, according to the report.

China’s position in the US production process for major commercial goods, medical equipment, medicines, and rare earth minerals was also highlighted in the research.

According to the inquiry, this role creates weaknesses in the overall US supply chain and provides Beijing leverage over US national security; this might affect American judgment, in the event of a conflict.

The inquiry is one of several initiatives conducted by Republicans in Congress to address the subject of Chinese efforts to harm the United States.