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Pete Buttigieg Withdraws Candidacy for President

The field of 2020 Democrats continues to narrow with time and various state elections. Candidates who have failed to secure wins in...

Jared Kushner Sheds Light on Trump’s Accomplishments

Since ascending to the presidency, Trump has racked up a series of accomplishments that continue to benefit the United States of America....

Biden Vows to “Take Down” Gun Manufacturers

Democrat candidate Joe Biden continues to campaign in South Carolina. With the state's primary coming up, the former vice president is doing...

Bloomberg Admits He’s Not That Smart

Billionaire businessman turned 2020 Democrat Mike Bloomberg is under quite a microscope. Last week's Las Nevas debate showed the nation how unprepared...

Sanders Refusing to Release New Medical Records

The physical health of candidates is an important factor to consider in this 2020 presidential election. Multiple Democrats...

Don Jr. on Bloomberg: He Can’t Buy a Personality!

Former New York City mayor turned 2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg continues to take heat for his chosen campaign strategies.

Pelosi Breaks Down Following Trump Acquittal

Yesterday afternoon, the United States Senate acquitted and cleared President Trump of both articles of impeachment. Just as...

Iowa Democrat Caucus Implodes Big Time

Whenever Americans believe that the left can't possibly get any worse or embarrass themselves any further, the left proves us wrong.

Pence: “Real Verdict” on Impeachment Comes in Fall 2020

Earlier this week, House Democrats finally sent over their impeachment articles to the Senate after being left with absolutely no choice.

White House Gives New Update on Impeachment Trial

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives finally signed a resolution to transfer impeachment articles over to the Senate.