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Biden’s Troubling Remarks About Kids, “Hairy Legs” Resurface

From mistaking the state he's in to gnawing at the finger of his wife, it's very safe to say that Joe Biden...

Starbucks Barista Brands 911 Dispatchers as “Pigs”

Over the past few years, an anti-police culture has festered due to lies about law enforcement from leftists. As the lies spread,...

Twitter Permits Pedophiles to Discuss “Attraction Towards Minors” While Banning Conservatives

Over the past few years, Twitter has increased its censorship of various conservative voices and public figures. Right-wingers...

Trump Unloads on “Crazy as a Bedbug” Pelosi

President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have maintained a troubled relationship with one another, at best. Throughout Pelosi's time as House...

ACLU: Yes, Men Can Menstruate and Give Birth!

As radical and fringe ideologies continue to run rampant within the Democrat Party, the left-wing has regressed into denying basic biology. Leftists...

CNN Slanders Trump: He’s “Thuggish!”

The fake news media continues to work in cahoots with the Democrat Party in order to slander and defame President Trump.

AOC Admits Impeachment is About “Stopping” Trump 2020 Victory

There is, and always has been, a hidden agenda in regards to the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Democrats have wanted him...

Pelosi Fantasizes About GOP Senate Supporting Impeachment

As Democrat leaders persist in moving forward with impeachment, they're facing some very real questions about how they anticipate matters playing out...

Mitch McConnell Unleashes on Congressional Democrats

Congressional Democrats continue to show the American people that they value their cockamamie impeachment sham more than actually governing and doing their...

New Source Claims Hillary “May or May Not” Run for President Again

Throughout the recent weeks of the 2020 presidential election, Hillary Clinton has continued to insert herself into political matters.