Candace Owens Refused COVID Test over Political Views

According to Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, Republican author and pundit Candace Owens was refused healthcare support in the form of a coronavirus screening by a Colorado lab. This happened due to her political convictions.

Owens received a letter from Suzanna Lee, founder of Aspen Laboratories. The letter warned her that her “appointment” was canceled.

Owens also learned that she’d be “refused service” because to her opposition to government face mask requirements and her analysis of immunization shot efficacy.

No COVID Test for You, If You Question Regulations

In a letter acquired by Tucker Carlson Tonight, Lee said, “We cannot endorse anyone who has deliberately attempted to make this epidemic worse by spreading misinformation, trying to politicize and opposing the use of masks, and actively dissuading individuals from taking life-saving immunizations.”

It’s not uncommon for Americans with specific party allegiances to be “taken out, penalized, and refused service,” according to Carlson.

He introduced Owens to the show by saying, “This really doesn’t seem like America.”

Owens stated that she wouldn’t want to get checked for coronavirus; yet, she is required to undergo medical tests in order to engage in everyday routines, due to sudden legislative limits on “personal integrity.”

“First and primarily, I’d like to never have to get COVID tested, but then as you mentioned in your earlier part, this is currently one of the only methods to keep personal integrity, and they’re stating that if you don’t get the immunization, you’ll need a COVID test to relocate. If you want to attend an event, you must have a negative COVID test; if you want to leave the nation or fly, you must have a negative COVID test,” she stated.

“And I have to get checked all the chances I get to demonstrate I’m negative,” Owens said, noting that she has journeyed to three nations and 23 states for work and personal reasons in the last two years.

Lee’s rejection of services, according to Owens, calls into doubt the language of those like her who claim there is a “global epidemic of the unvaccinated.”

To paraphrase: “If this is a truly lethal virus – if the unprotected, individuals like me, are the ones to blame for this epidemic – Why then would you hinder someone from following local COVID regulations and attempting to get a check and do the correct thing if you genuinely believe this? That is incomprehensible.”

According to Owens, such conduct “subverts the research [they] profess to be so true.”

There are rules forbidding doctors from rejecting medical care to undocumented immigrants or those who turn up at emergency departments without insurance.

Carlson claims that an ordinary citizen who refuses to obtain the COVID vaccine can be refused the same medical treatment.