Canada’s Socialist Trudeau losing in the Polls

Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada and the leader of the Liberal Party; he also keeps losing momentum in polls after announcing a “pointless” mid-pandemic early election.

After what has been viewed as a terrible campaign by the Liberals (days after Trudeau asked for a national election), a poll was issued on September 1st by iPolitics/Mainstreet Data. This poll is the newest to put the Trudeau Socialists behind the Canadian Conservative Party (CPC).

Big Losses Ahead for the Socialists

On September 20th, the Government (which now has a majority in the Canadian legislature) could shed as many as 22 seats. The CPC, led by Erin O’Toole, is expected to gain 30 members; however, it would still fall 19 seats short of the 170 seats required to form a majority in parliament of the 338-seat assembly.

Aside from seeing an opportunity to form a parliamentary majority, Prime Minister Trudeau’s intentions for holding elections in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak have been unknown. It’s also led long-time Canadian political critic Rex Murphy to label the election “senseless.”

As per Murphy: if this was the idea (and we also have zero reasons to believe otherwise after two weeks in), the Liberals have provided no substantive rationale for why this thing was launched. It is a gross misunderstanding of the Canadian voters. It’s the way political con artists think: greed above all else.

Their Plan Failed

The Liberal plan appears to have failed in recent times. Trudeau has faced a barrage of protests from those outraged by vaccine IDs and other pandemic-related issues at events across the country. Some of these events were canceled, owing to supposed safety concerns.

Campaign demonstrations are really nothing uncommon, but veteran journalists say this year’s demonstrations are more vehement than in the past. That is, however, predictable. Your ordinary Canadian seems to have a lot more to be upset about in the previous 18 months than in recent history, writer Chris Selley said on Thursday.

Most of it is not the national government’s fault; however, if the national government called an election just to satisfy the prime minister’s vanity, it should anticipate a scolding. Mr. Trudeau responded to the demonstrators early this week at a rally in Sudbury, Ontario.

Trudeau said the individuals out there screaming were “anti-vaxxers” and incorrect. The Canadian prime minister also accused these demonstrators of endangering their own children and the children of other people.

Trudeau maintains his run on subjects such as vaccination passports, giving billions of dollars to states that require them. Meanwhile, CPC candidate Erin O’Toole has mostly avoided any scandal or dissent on the public stage.

Mr. O’Toole’s financial propositions include safeguarding workers and trying to introduce a “super workforce insurance” system that would pay employees more in a downturn; these policies have been commended by one left-wing Canadian pundit who compared the far-left Democratic Revolution Party’s (NDP) economic strategy to Mr. O’Toole’s.