Californians May Soon Suffer Mass Power Outages

"California State Capitol" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Mathieu Thouvenin

California is struggling with many issues at this point in our nation’s history.
Many residents of the Golden State are dealing with crime increases, shutdowns, mandatory mask orders, coronavirus, etc.

To make matters worse, the mayor of Los Angeles decided weeks ago to defund the city’s police department. As Californians remain under various lockdown restrictions, many are wondering when this nightmare will end.
It turns out that things may actually be getting worse though. A new announcement from California’s Governor Gavin Newsom (D) confirms that Golden State residents may soon be facing mass power outages as early as tomorrow, reports Washington Examiner.

Why California Could Face Power Outages Tomorrow

Yesterday, the California governor addressed residents of the state during a press conference.
In doing so, Newsom warned that “episodic issues” with the state’s power resources are forthcoming later this week, due to a heatwave. These issues are furthermore expected to have the greatest impact on the state’s West Coast.

While warning Californians of what’s to come, Newsom cited the foreseen, upcoming issues as “unacceptable.” The California governor then vowed to probe energy companies and learn why they failed to put a stop to power outages.
In the meantime, Newsom is urging California residents to take proactive measures to minimize the impact of power outages.
According to the California governor himself, these proactive measures entail shutting off unused lights, setting air conditioner temperatures at a minimum of 78 degrees, and steering clear of using major appliances.

A Shift in California’s Energy Use

On Monday, Governor Newsom also admitted that the state’s shift to regular renewable energy use has created pockets of statewide vulnerability. The Golden State’s abandonment of coal use, nuclear plants, and nuclear gas also hasn’t done them any favors.

Nevertheless, the California governor maintains that the state is “radically changing” its consumption and production of energy. Citing moral and economic reasons, Newsom professed that California is presently in the process of backup power provision, “peaker” gas plant activation, and more hydroelectric power activation.
Despite the upcoming power shortages, the California governor remains optimistic that the state will eventually get its power, gas, and energy use under control.
What do you think about the impending power outages approaching residents of the Golden State? Do you believe Governor Newsom provided an acceptable explanation during his press conference yesterday? Let us know in the comments section below!