California Restaurant Reopens Despite Newsom's Shelter-in-Place Mandate

"Gavin Newsom" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Statewide shutdowns are ruining Americans’ lives by killing businesses, livelihoods, and jobs under the false pretense of saving lives. If supporters of these shutdowns truly cared about life, they’d be outraged over the tens of millions of Americans who are losing everything because of governments telling them not to work.

Some people in America have made clear that they won’t sit back and allow their businesses to crumble as Democrat governors extend shelter-in-place orders. This is why one California cafe owner is breaching Gov. Newsom’s lockdown order and has reopened Café El Dorado for business, reports Breitbart News.

What to Know About the Return of Cafe El Dorado

Cherie Baldridge, the owner of Café El Dorado, has explained that she won’t be able to sustain herself for another month without her business. Despite elected officials claiming that restaurants should just offer takeout, Baldridge maintains that this isn’t enough to keep her cafe afloat.

She also notes that the regular clientele of her establishment enjoys eating in-house and relaxing over a good meal. This is why Baldridge has chosen to reopen her establishment in spite of Gov. Newsom’s shutdown orders.

A Growing Pattern of Small Reopenings

Contrary to what some people might believe, Cherie Baldridge is not alone in her decision to reopen her business. What Democrats like California Gov. Newsom fail to understand is that any bill-paying job or business is essential.

This is why there are so many protests against these lockdowns in blue states; the importance of work also explains why so many counties and businesses are gradually reopening as increasing numbers of law enforcement officials refuse to enforce shelter-in-place orders.
Gov. Newsom and other Democrat elected officials will continue to see a growing pattern of small reopenings until they get the message and put an end to lockdowns.
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