California Moves to Give Reparations to Descendants of Slaves

"California National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Over the past several years, the Democrat Party has promoted the idea of reparations. Per the left, reparations are necessary in order to even the playing field that is supposed to be skewered due to past events.
The notion of reparations has faced censure for many reasons. Where would the money come from? Also, is it ethical to hold people accountable for atrocities they never committed? Why should people who never suffered from slavery be paid for it? All of these issues make a difference and have subsequently come up.

Now, California is moving to institute a task force for the purpose of reviewing how to pay reparations to descendants of enslaved black individuals, according to Fox News.

Reviewing the California Reparations Task Force

California Governor Gavin Newsom ended the month of September by signing new legislation into law. This legislation creates a task force to create and probe the payments of reparations to African-Americans whose ancestors were enslaved.

The task force will consist of nine individuals. Each of these individuals will focus on various means and eligibility of doling out reparations; in a related statement, a co-sponsor of the reparations task force legislation professed that California’s “role in slavery” needs to be addressed.
Then, in additional remarks, the co-sponsor explained that the state’s reparations task force is about “justice and fairness” in America.

Misaligned Priorities in the Golden State

Right now, California is dealing with a series of issues that impact residents regardless of race. From the state’s wildfires to joblessness, shutdowns, and more, some have made the case that there are bigger fish to fry.
At this time, though, Newsom’s establishment of a reparations task force is quite curious. The task force’s inception comes after the California governor admitting months ago that the state can’t afford to pay $100 out of $400 per week to unemployed residents.

Despite being supposedly unable to shoulder the cost for his own imposed shutdown, Newsom never had issues with giving handouts to illegal immigrants. Therefore, many critics of the Democrat governor ultimately believe that his priorities lack alignment and discernment.
Time will tell whether or not other states decide to follow Newsom’s lead.
What do you think of California’s reparations-focused task force? Do you believe in the notion of reparations payments? Let us know your stance and opinions down below in the comments section.