California Democrat Governor Sued for Breach of Constitutional Rights

"Gavin Newsom" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Government-imposed lockdowns continue to face lawsuits as a result of infringements upon constitutional rights.
Countless liberty-loving Americans are eager to remind leaders that the rights written in the Constitution do not vanish upon the emergence of a virus. Shutdowns of businesses, restrictions on gatherings, and bans on worship services are not going over well with Americans. Even people who once favored lockdowns are now saying that it’s all gotten to be too much.

Right now, Gavin Newsom, the Democrat governor of California is facing a lawsuit. The plaintiff in the suit is a Catholic priest who maintains that Newsom’s endless “state of emergency” and lockdowns breach Constitutional rights, according to Breitbart News.

Reviewing the Latest Lawsuit Against the California Governor

The lawsuit against Newsom comes from the Thomas More Society. In this suit, the California governor faces accusations of trampling over rights that are enshrined in the state’s Constitution. Indoor worship restrictions, limitations on individuals within houses of worship, mask and social distancing mandates also have specifications within the lawsuit.
In the legal suit, the Catholic priest takes note that Newsom’s restrictions initially occurred as measures for a passing emergency. Likewise, the plaintiff records that the Golden State’s own data shows that ongoing statewide lockdowns are not justifiable and are now generating more harm than help.

This is not the first time that California’s Democrat governor has faced a lawsuit for impositions made under the guise of protection from COVID-19. Newsom, like other Democrat governors, furthermore comes under fire for refusing to lift restrictions and for stopping Americans from making their own informed decisions.

An Attack on Religious Liberties

Many Americans of faith have found that worship and religious ceremony are especially beneficial during times that present challenges and struggles. This makes the blow of restrictions on worship that much more crushing.

Newsom also came under fire earlier this year after stating that individuals in houses of worship shouldn’t sing or even chant with face masks on, due to the possible spread of coronavirus. Many religious folks criticized this edict as senseless and unconstitutional; it also caused the efficacy of masks to come into question.
At this time, the California governor has provided absolutely no indication of any plan to lift restrictions and mask mandates in his state.
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