BuzzFeed Editor Weaponizes Sri Lanka Attacks in Order to Slam Trump

Some things never change, regardless of what’s happening in the world or whether or not it happens to be Easter.
Yesterday, BuzzFeed news editor Miriam Elder took it upon herself to weaponize the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka by claiming that President Trump would have more sympathy “if the Christians killed were white,” as documented by Fox News.

 Everything You Need to Know

First and foremost, at least 290 people were killed as a result of the bombs which went off in the hotels and churches within the capital of Sri Lanka. Countless others have sustained injuries and although a culprit has yet to come forward, religious extremism is being cited as a potential motive for the attacks.
Now, an outpour of support for Sri Lanka has occurred; this includes Americans from both sides of the political aisle. President Trump tweeted out condolences and affirmed that the United States is ready to be of aid in any way possible:
In typical leftist fashion, Miriam Elder saw an opportunity to attack the president. It didn’t matter that politicizing such a tragedy for the sake of sticking it to Trump is wildly inappropriate. The new editor for BuzzFeed posted the following tweet in regards to the president and the Sri Lanks attacks:

Trump Derangement Syndrome

If Elder was expecting to get pats on the back for her jab at the president, then she largely failed. Many Twitter users called her out for weaponizing such a major tragedy in order to grandstand. The other thing about Elder’s commentary is that it’s so completely unoriginal.
Like many Democrats, the Buzzfeed news editor stated that Trump is racist. This is in spite of the nonexistent supporting evidence and the fact that anyone who disagrees with the left-wing is deemed a racist in their eyes. Elder is under no obligation to like or support Trump, but next time she considers weaponizing death and carnage in order to take aim at Trump, perhaps she ought to sit it out.
Do you think Miriam Elder’s comments were appropriate in light of the Sri Lanka attacks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments sections down below!
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