Busted: FBI Hid Information to Protect Biden!

Following new leaker accusations that the DOJ and FBI improperly withheld evidence on Hunter Biden and the FBI was “militarized” against seated senators, Sen. Ron Johnson is requesting the Department of Justice launch an independent inquiry or designate a special counsel.

What Happened?

The Wisconsin senator’s requirements come just after Sen. Chuck Grassley disclosed that fresh data had been shared with his headquarters by “highly credible leakers” at the DOJ and FBI.

This data was about a “sequence of active public party politics” at the organizations in relation to inquiries into the Trump administration and the stifling of data on the Hunter Biden inquiry.

A follow-up email was sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Director of the FBI Chris Wray, intelligence representative Avril Haines, as well as to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Tuesday by Johnson.

In the letter, he claims fresh material from a whistleblower shows that FBI agents had a “system” in place to dismiss negative information on the president’s son, Hunter Biden, by classifying it as “lies and misinformation.”

Johnson and Grassley both described incidents between July 2020 and October 2020 in which the FBI, along with Senate Democrats, Asst. Special Agent Timothy Thibault, and others gave conservatives looking into the Hunter accusations the runaround.

They did this by withholding data and making false claims that the GOP was spreading “foreign lies and misinformation” about the current first son.

GOP senators now claim that a meeting on August 6, 2020 was specifically designed to “undermine” their probe of Hunter Biden as a result of whistleblower confirmation.

Johnson stated in the letter dated Tuesday that “one of the biggest acts of Executive Branch malfeasance in American history would be the FBI being militarized towards two sitting chairs of U.S. Senate panels with constitutional oversight obligations,” Johnson says.

Why Would They Do This?

“I’ve been trying to find out from the FBI and the Office of the Intelligence Committee for over two years about the reason for and who authorized this briefing.”

“In a communication to Directors Wray and Haines dated May 3, 2021, Senator Grassley and I reaffirmed our demands. Both didn’t offer full explanations,” Johnson said.

The senator claimed that the FBI can “no longer be required to examine Hunter Biden with honesty and the equitable application of the law.”

This is because the agency’s credibility has been questioned. Furthermore, he claims Garland has not given him or Grassley any “guarantees” that the DOJ investigation would be devoid of conflicts of interest.

“The installation of a Special Counsel would’ve been totally appropriate and long overdue if the OIG is reluctant or are unable to start an investigation into the suspected political persecution of U.S. senators by federal agencies,” Johnson said in the end.