Businesses that Grant Workers Time off to Get Vaccinated Will Receive Tax Credits

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The federal government is very eager for Americans to get vaccinated. In fact, the White House has already committed to allocating millions of dollars to promote the coronavirus vaccine and make it easy for Americans to access. On Monday, every American officially became eligible to get their shot against the infamous COVID-19. 

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The Biden administration is currently working to incentivize businesses to join the efforts to get Americans vaccinated. As such, the White House has confirmed that businesses which grant workers paid time off to receive their COVID-19 immunizations will be rewarded with tax credits. 

President Biden announced as much yesterday, as Newsmax reports. 

Tax Credits for Businesses Giving Time off for Vaccination

Due to the nature of certain work schedules, at least some Americans who are interested in being vaccinated will need to get time off from work. The Biden administration is hard at work to ensure this happens and to get corporate businesses on board the pro-vaccination campaign. 

On Wednesday, the Democrat president made an announcement regarding tax credits for eligible businesses. Biden explained that businesses should grant staff at least 80 hours of paid leave to receive their vaccinations and subsequently recover from unwanted side effects of the shot.

The president then noted that the federal government will ultimately reimburse businesses for these expenses; the reimbursements shall comes in the form of $511 per day tax credits until the end of September. Businesses eligible for this reimbursement must have less than 500 employees. 

Due to the fine print within the American Rescue Plan, these promised tax credits are in fact approved. 

Nationwide Vaccination Efforts

Yesterday, Biden also touted some of the latest developments regarding America’s nationwide efforts to get folks vaccinated against coronavirus.

Per the president, 200 million Americans have received COVID-19 vaccines within his first 100 days in the White House; this is a goal that the Biden administration previously announced.

Thus far, more than half of the nation is at least partially immunized against COVID-19; meanwhile, a little than one-third is fully vaccinated against the virus. The CDC has subsequently released new guidelines of recommendations for individuals who are completely immunized.

Meanwhile, the campaign to get more and more people inoculated continues on. 

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