Brutal Attack on Rand Paul’s Staffer Finally Addressed by the Victim’s Parents

We’re all aware of how deranged the liberals can be, but this doesn’t exactly absolve them of any crimes they commit. One of Rand Paul’s staffers will likely have the scars to attest to it for the rest of his life.

After he was brutally stabbed by an attacker at one of the Kentucky senator’s events, his family kept quiet for a long time, only recently releasing a statement on the attack and updating us on their son’s condition.

No parent should go through this

Thankfully, one of his friends managed to get in the way of the attacker and prevent him from killing his target. While Phillip Todd managed to get away with a couple of stab wounds and a fracture to his skull, his recovery won’t be a quick one.

Todd’s parents are thankful to the highly-trained medical staff who saved their son’s life and they’re hoping his young age will aid him in his recovery, no matter how challenging it may end up being.

They were appalled that the attack was completely random. What’s more, it was committed by a repeat offender, who’d only just been released from federal prison, despite having a long record of serious crimes.

The man in question, Glynn Neal, had been dealt with professionally by the hands of the Washington D.C. Police Department; the first responders did a great job at saving Todd’s life on the scene, without ever putting his life in danger.

Crime rates in Washington D.C. on the rise

The family also expressed their thanks to Senator Paul, who visited Phillip along with his chief of staff to encourage his recovery.

In Washington DC, crime rates have continued to go up, prompting the House Oversight Committee to have city officials testify on the general oversight of crime, safety, and management in our nation’s capital.

Unfortunately, Todd wasn’t the first nor the last victim of these random attacks. With the Biden administration fighting hard to keep these criminals OUT of jail, we’re bound to see dozens more of these attacks until some things are changed.

The US capital’s crime rates are disgustingly high and it’s a testament to just how ineffective the left is at doing its job.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.