Breaking: Trump Will Close The Border If Democrats Won’t Give Him The Wall

The political fight for the creation of the border wall has reached a new milestone as of today.

Earlier, President Trump announced in a series of tweets that he will shut down the U.S. Southern border if Democrats continue to refuse the provision of funds for his promised wall.

A Closer Look at President Trump’s Tweets

The president of the United States posted the following statements on Twitter on Friday morning:

The Border Wall

At this point, President Trump and Democratic leaders are deadlocked in a battle of hardball as it pertains to his promised border wall. Democrats continue to maintain that Trump will not receive any funding to build a wall along the Southern border. Trump, for his part, is standing by the promise he made to the American people.

As a result of the Democrats’ failure to work with the president, the government shut down on the evening of Friday, December 21, 2018. Moreover, this government shutdown is projected to carry on into 2019. Of course, liberals and other members of the leftist movement are faulting President Trump for the shutdown.

Shutting Down the Border

At this point, shutting down the United States border is the best course of action. Until the Democrats are ready to behave like adults and work with the president on border security, then there are literally no other options.

America has reached a point where we cannot stand for illegal immigration any longer. The economic plight of this crime is abysmal and countless law-abiding Americans and legal immigrants have lost their lives to illegal immigrants.

Make no mistake: getting the Southern wall built is absolutely paramount. However, until that happens, completely shutting down the border is completely reasonable.


What are your thoughts on this latest development? Do you believe President Trump should shut down the border until the Democrats are done throwing their temper tantrums? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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