Trump Innocent of All Charges

The grand jury tasked with investigating Donald Trump’s finances has expired, putting a stop to any potential criminal prosecution in New York.

A civil punishment, most likely a fine, appears unlikely, but anything is possible.

Back when these proceedings were filed in the Southern District of New York, there were warnings that the walls were coming in.

With all of their Biden baggage in tow, Democrats will have to defeat Trump at the polls, assuming anybody can afford to travel out to vote.

The Details

We don’t need to spend a lot of time on the errors that came before the SDNY.

Though a list of them is instructive: DNC server, Putin’s spy, Russiagate, Mueller report, the impeachment scandals, and the prostitution drama.

The January 6 campaign is in trouble and will not survive the midterm elections. It is feasible to determine, regardless of how much one dislikes Trump, he is not culpable of any wrongdoing.

Each dreary prosecutorial nightmare began with the conviction that Trump had done something illegal, the evidence was mounting, some sucker would flip (cue the stupid Godfather comparisons), and then…nothing.

True believers will always persist, but for the majority of Americans, the over-stimulus, coupled with disappointment and mumblings that it’s not fair has grown old.

Even in comedy, there are always educational moments; the most recent failure to take down Trump in Manhattan is one of those.

It all started with the assumption that whatever success Trump had was attributable to cheating.

The DA said the Trump Organization inflated buildings to get loans from Deutsche Bank, then devalued the same assets to pay reduced taxes to the city of New York.

They Have Nothing

All that is left is Donald Trump’s civil case in New York.

Its most recent legal ruse was a stall-move contempt charge against Trump for failing to turn over a couple of smartphones, despite the fact Trump already turned over millions of pages of documentation.

13 Trump workers were also summoned for questioning.

None of this is news to anyone who has owned land in New York, whether directly like Trump or indirectly like multitudes of middle-class New Yorkers.

Building A, for instance, is on the ground the city has taxed for thousands of years. In such a setting, the land’s worth is hardly debatable.

However, if someone wants to use that property as collateral for the loan, they could explain how the tower’s bottom floor is now prepared for flush post-COVID retail consumers to return.

They may point to a new premium building across the street, which will drive up real estate property prices. They may demonstrate how the average renter in his building stays longer than in others, ensuring stability.

What it is worth — is largely a negotiation involving two parties. This is referred to as “value.” There are several methods for determining a property’s worth.