BREAKING: The State of the Union is Back On

After a fair amount of back-and-forth, the State of the Union address is officially back on, reports Townhall.

Reviewing the Upcoming State of the Union Address

House Speaker Pelosi invited President Trump to deliver the annual State of the Union address. The address will be delivered on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 on Capitol Hill. The upcoming address was not delivered last month due to the government shutdown which remained underway for 35 days. During the shutdown, President Trump expressed willingness to proceed with the State of the Union anyway, but Pelosi blocked it due to concerns which she had about security.
The State of the Union address will also come exactly ten days before the expiration of the legislation which is currently keeping government open.

What’s to Come?

Per the usual nature of State of the Union addresses, President Trump is expected to cover critical events and matters which are of importance in America. During the president’s previous addresses, he discussed issues such as immigration, the economy, foreign policy and more. As February 5th approaches, Trump has already stated that the need for the border wall is a matter which he will cover.
Thus far, Democrats are refusing to work with the president, in any capacity, on getting the border wall built. Many Americans are speculating that the declaration of a national emergency may follow if resolutions prove to be unsuccessful on February 15th.
What do you think will come from President Trump’s upcoming State of the Union address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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