Breaking: Immigrant Reveals Major Loophole in Border Security!

If you thought that there were no loopholes in the current security at the United States Southern border, think again! As a matter of fact, illegal immigrants have openly expressed their decisions to take advantage of currently existing loopholes; this is well-documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Loophole in Border Security

Put simply, one of the greatest loopholes in border security which illegal immigrants regularly take advantage of is having children. These people who come to the border have no intention of following the immigration laws or lawfully entering the United States.

However, they do know that having a kid with them makes them likelier to be able to find a way in. They know that people working at the Southern border wants to do what’s best for children. It’s unfortunate that illegal immigrants use every trick in the book other than following the immigration laws, but this cannot go on.

Last night, radio host Buck Sexton provided further insight into this matter during his time on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“The laws that we have are such that people who show up at the border who have a child are guaranteed to stay. There is no way that is going to change this. I was on your show and that other activist gentleman was on a few months ago and we had this exchange where why couldn’t the entire country of Guatemala say, ‘As long as I have a kid, I’m going to come to the U.S. border and know that I will get into the United States?'”

The Importance of Legal Immigration

If we, as a nation, truly value legal immigration, then we cannot allow existing loopholes in border security. This may be a tough pill to swallow, particularly for Democrats who favor illegal immigration, but having children does not give someone the right to enter the states.

There are immigration laws which exist for a reason; people who are serious about being part of this country and living here should show the first sign of respect by not sneaking across the border or simply arriving at the border and demanding to be let in.


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