Breaking: Former Obama Aide Indicted in Mueller Probe


The Mueller probe may have reached its conclusion, but there are still some people who are dealing with the consequences of the investigation.

Democrat and former Obama aide Gregory Craig will soon face an indictment, as a result of the probe’s findings, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the Indictment of Gregory Craig

The indictment against Craig comes as a result of his work for the Ukraine government during the year of 2012. It’s also worth noting that Craig’s services for the government were carried out alongside Republican Paul Manafort. Similarly to Craig, Manafort also faced legal trouble as a result of Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Craig’s work for the Ukraine government breached legal lines when he failed to register as a foreign lobbyist. Why Craig did not do this currently remains a mystery. However, his attorneys maintain that Craig did nothing wrong. The forthcoming indictment against Craig will mark the first time that a Democrat is hit with charges in the Mueller investigation.

Will the Mainstream Media Pick it Up?

Whether or not the mainstream chooses to report and truly broadcast the news regarding Gregory Craig currently remains to be seen. After all, there has been nonstop coverage about the issues which certain Republicans faced as a result of the probe. Also, various members of the mainstream media routinely speculated about whether or not President Trump would be indicted, despite his ongoing assertions of innocence.

Seeing as the upcoming indictment of Craig will serve as the first time in which a Democrat faces indictment as a result of Mueller’s probe, it is more than fair for the press to regularly cover this matter and applicable updates. After all, when various Republicans were on the line, various news outlets were more than eager to opine and speculate


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