Breaking: Democrats Ran Russian Bot ‘False Flag’ Operation In Alabama — And Media Fell For It

It appears as though the Democrats are willing to push the bogus Russia collusion conspiracy theory to the nth degree. Yesterday, The Daily Caller Foundation discovered the latest left-wing attempt to discredit Republicans via the use of phony Russian bots.

An Overview of the Phony Russian Bot Operation

In essence, Democrats employed the use of countless phony Russian accounts and tied them to Republican Roy Moore during October 2017’s special election. The purpose of this operation was to discredit Moore and, by extension, aid his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones.

It gets even more interesting though. The Daily Caller also learned that Reid Hoffman, a left-wing billionaire, funded the individuals behind the creation of the Russian Twitter accounts which followed Moore.

Individuals who engaged in the operation also delivered the following admission within an internal report:

“We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet.”

The Media’s Take on the Matter

In all honesty, it should come as a shock to no one that the media immediately jumped on this matter. Of course, their spin stated that Moore shared connections to “Russian propagandists.” Moore also took heat for stating that the influx of foreign followers was indeed fake and orchestrated.

The media’s management of the Democrats’ political attack against Moore interestingly mirrors their take on the Russia probe. Despite the astounding evidence that President Trump won the 2016 election due to the votes of the American people, the media continues to stand by the disproven conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with the Russian government.

The nastiness of politics has prompted an overwhelming amount of Democrats to go after Republicans in unethical and underhanded manners. When accusing their opponents of racism ceased to be effective, the Democrats turned to linking GOP members to the Russian government.

Of course, the latest liberal scheme has come to light, just as they always do. It will be fascinating to see whether or not the media offers retractions of their previous condemnations, but personally, I wouldn’t bet on it.

What are your thoughts on the latest discovery made by The Daily Caller Foundation? What new accusations will Democrats conjure up when Russia ceases to be an effective scapegoat? Let us know in the comments down below!

Gabrielle Seunagal is a full-time writer. Some of her favorite subjects to write about include politics, cybersecurity, and current events. When Gabrielle is not advancing her writing career, she is reading, traveling, or studying martial arts.