Boycott of Hersheys Chocolate as They Use Men to Celebrate Women’s Day

The Hershey Company is supporting a biological guy to honor women for Women’s Day.

Blatant Misogyny

As the chocolate maker chose to use a biological man who calls himself transgender in the International Women’s Day advertising campaign, the hashtag “BoycottHersheys” started doing the rounds on Twitter on Thursday.

The campaign makes use of the Hershey’s SHE bar, the slogan is about shining a light on the women who are an inspiration to the company. The marketing campaign includes Fae Johnstone.

Johnstone posted on Twitter claiming to be honored to be working with the Canadian branch and a part of the advertising scheme for Women’s Day.

In his video, Johnstone also calls the other people in the campaign change-makers and refers to them as “sisters.” He also exclaimed that “the chocolate is out of the wrapper.”

The LGBTQ community member claims that society still needs to make strives to abolish misogyny, patriarchy, and gender-based violence. He said that he hoped the marketing scheme would aid young women to find role models that can inspire them and show them how to change the world.

Johnstone states in the video, that he feels a world where everyone can live as themselves is possible.

Many female Twitter users have elected to make their objectives known over the use of a man for Women’s Day and women’s issues in the advertisement.

Of course, to anyone with sense, the blatant misogyny is obvious. Abigail Shrier, an author, posted to Twitter, saying that modern-day companies seem to hate women and are always looking for an opportunity to make it known.

She pointed out that real women have long memories, obviously referring to the history of misogyny that women have faced. This is a point that would clearly fly over the head of Johnstone as he is a misogynistic man.

One poster pointed out that out of 3.9 billion women, the chocolate company still chose to hire a man to celebrate Women’s Day.

The international chocolate firm has been promoting its female-focused products for three years. Hershey’s released more information in a press statement.

A Slap-in-the-face For Women

Brand manager Katie DeCapria stated of the brand’s decision to re-launch the program that they are delighted to relaunch the Hershey’s SHE bars in fresh, important ways.

This is part of Hershey’s greater goal to help women and girls this Women’s History Month and move forward in the company’s future.

According to DeCapria, the chocolate bar will come with more than 200 adjectives that were come up with, with the help of Girls on the Run.

The intention behind this is to remind people to respect the females who are an inspiration to them and to ignite meaningful connections by just gifting chocolates to women.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.