Border Crisis: Biden Administration Takes Flack From Guatemalan President

"US Border Patrol Chevrolet Suburban" by Seluryar is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The biggest failure so far of the Biden administration is its reluctance to even attempt solving the crisis on the Southern Border. Vice President Harris has been tasked with the issue, yet is often caught laughing at the severity of the crisis there. 

“The Wall, US border, separating Mexico from the US, along Highway 2, Sonora Desert, Mexican side” by Wonderlane is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Details

The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, chastised the Biden administration for an ambiguous immigration message; Giammattei claimed this message contributed to the spike of illegal immigrants at the border.

Giammattei told Fox that the new humanitarian messages by the US government are being perverted by the coyotes, who use the opportunity to further their operations.

Giammattei said the blunder made was the Biden administration’s policy of permitting unaccompanied adolescents to enter the US (on humanitarian grounds) and attempting to reunite them with relatives already living in the country.

The problem is that the coyotes arrived, abducted the youngsters and teenagers, then transported them to the United States. The border was clogged with individuals from all over South America, not only Guatemalans.

The flood of people trying to migrate from Central American countries has become one of the administration’s most serious political challenges. Republican politicians blamed the surge of reversing of Trump-era migration policies and communications that many prospective immigrants and people smugglers perceive as an open invitation to the US.

Many would-be migrants believe they are welcome to cross the border; this comes according to Reuter’s interviews with nearly almost 24 migrants and more than 12 people outing themselves as human smugglers in April. An examination of hundreds of posts in closed Facebook groups where smugglers advertise their services is also a factor.

According to one popular belief, there are 100 days of unrestricted transit across the border, per a Guatemalan smuggler. Another source told the paper that the president is allegedly allowing minors to enter.

Bidens to Blame

Migrants said President Joe Biden’s comparatively pro-immigration sentiments affected their decision to abandon their homes and seek admittance into the United States; this was revealed in scores of interviews with The Associated Press around the same time.

Human traffickers operating along the border continue to openly promote their services on social media, according to a recent story by The Epoch Times.

While the Biden administration claims the border is closed and that most asylum seekers are turned away, it’s allowing unaccompanied minors to enter the nation; this is a policy that may be contributing to the steep increase of youngsters crossing the border alone.

Border officials encountered 18,951 unattended youngsters in March; this marks the most in a month since US Customs and Border Protection began tracking the numbers in 2009.

In April, the number fell to 17,148, and in May, it fell to 14,158.