Bloomberg: I'll Expend All Resources to "Get Rid" of Trump

2020 Democrats are so pathetically fearful of President Trump that they’re willing to say and do anything that they think will hurt him.

This includes not only lying about Trump, but also defending a known terrorist and alleging that any and all Trump supporters are evil and racist. The ultimate reality here is that the left cannot contest this president on merit or credibly show issues with his policies and procedures; therefore, all they have left is petty insults and childish behavior.

Michael Bloomberg by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Michael Bloomberg” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg is a prime example of how Trump Derangement Syndrome rots away at the mind and soul. According to Breitbart News, the businessman and 2020 Democrat declared that he’s going to spend every last dime he has in order to “get rid” of President Trump.

Since his late entry into the 2020 race, Bloomberg has spent tens of millions of dollars on ads and other forms of campaign promotion.

A Review of Bloomberg’s Strategy to Defeat Trump

During an interview with Reuters, Bloomberg confidently professed that his strategy to make Trump a one-term president essentially involves just throwing his money around.

After this admission, the businessman stated that he believes he has the ability to earn support from moderate Republicans, unlike the more socialist 2020 candidates, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Per Bloomberg’s own thoughts, winning a general election as a Democrat requires the willingness of moderate Republicans to “cross the line.”

The notion of Bloomberg being able to appeal to moderate Republicans is curious. In all honesty, this assertion might stand a better chance at accuracy if the 2020 Democrat wasn’t such a raging, anti-gun nut. Republicans, even moderate ones, tend to value Second Amendment rights.

Right after the latest church shooting in Texas, the one where a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun, Bloomberg came out and stated that the good guy shouldn’t have been armed in the first place. Moreover, the billionaire businessman has stated that Americans who see the need to keep guns in their homes are “stupid.” That won’t go over well with moderate Republicans and it may even drive away some right-leaning Independents.

Bloomberg has vastly overestimated himself in this election; throwing money towards ads and other methods of campaigning can only take him so far.

Bloomberg vs. Reality

Throughout Bloomberg’s time as a presidential candidate, he’s shown disregard for the rights and liberties of Americans along with blind hubris. Believing that he’ll be able to appeal to moderate Republicans is laughable. Bloomberg does not have the crossover appeal that he’d like to believe he has; the 2020 candidate’s terrible stance on guns is just one of many examples.

In a nutshell, Bloomberg is merely attempting to buy this presidential election. That’s why he’s talking about expending all his resources and money to get the president out of office. The notion of Bloomberg defeating Trump in a general election is absolutely laughable, as is the idea of the DNC nominating him in the first place.

What’s your take on Michael Bloomberg’s strategy to beat President Trump? Do you believe Bloomberg would be able to get support from moderate Republicans? Sound off in the comments section below!