Bloomberg Admits He's Not That Smart

Billionaire businessman turned 2020 Democrat Mike Bloomberg is under quite a microscope. Last week’s Las Nevas debate showed the nation how unprepared Bloomberg is and gave everyone a sneak peek at how poorly he’d do going up against President Trump. As we all know, the former New York City mayor’s conduct at the ninth Democrat debate didn’t do him any favors; however, Bloomberg was still in hot water even prior to last Wednesday.

Michael Bloomberg by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Michael Bloomberg” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As a recap, the businessman has taken heat for his comments about stop-and-frisk, blue-collar workers, male minority youth, and his treatment of female employees. Despite the attacks against him, which both precede and follow the most recent Democrat debate, Bloomberg is still attempting to salvage what’s left of his campaign.

Yesterday, Bloomberg sat down for an MSNBC interview, as documented by Breitbart News. During this interview, the 2020 Democrat shared some very telling information about his intelligence, or rather, his lack thereof.

“I’m Certainly Not the Smartest Guy in the Room!”

A hallmark of Bloomberg’s interview involved his attempts to deflect from criticism regarding his stop-and-frisk remarks.

Rather than address this issue head-on, the former mayor stated that these remarks and others are only garnering attention because his presidential candidacy is viewed as a threat. The notion of Bloomberg being a threat to anyone is rather curious; for all the money he’s poured into this race, Bloomberg still hasn’t won a single caucus, primary, or delegate. Nevertheless, this is the case that the 2020 Democrat chose to make yesterday.

Shortly after branding himself as a “target,” Bloomberg cited his 12 years of City Hall experience, time as a business owner, and conceded that he “made mistakes.” Shortly thereafter, the businessman declared that he “[puts] teams together” in order to learn. Finally, Bloomberg professed that he is “not the smartest guy in the room,” yet more hardworking than anyone else.

Stating the Obvious

That Bloomberg isn’t the smartest person in the room is more obvious than he cares to admit. What smart person enters into a race way later than other candidates and believes that dumping six-figure dollar amounts on disinformation ads will make up for it? What smart person tries to pursue a venture as a presidential candidate when they know they can’t debate effectively or explain their questionable past and positions?

Michael Bloomberg by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Michael Bloomberg” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

If Bloomberg were even close to being the smartest person in the room, he’d realize that his entry into this election was a loser from the jump. The businessman previously stated that his belief that no other candidates could beat Trump is what ultimately inspired his candidacy; yet, other candidates, such as Bernie Sanders and others, are beating Bloomberg.

This doesn’t mean that any of them stand a chance of making Trump a one-term president; however, it does mean that Bloomberg isn’t any more well-off than the candidates he views as ineffective.

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