BLM Protesters Discovered as Culprits for COVID-19 Spikes

"Black Lives Matter march down I-35" (CC BY 2.0) by Fibonacci Blue

As new surges of coronavirus happen across the country, Americans are eager to determine the underlying cause.
Some people maintain that the re-engagement of the nation’s economy happened too quickly and too soon. Folks with this mindset have also stated that America should shut down, yet again, in order to “stop the spread.”

However, not everyone favors a return to lockdown. As a matter of fact, some Americans believe that protests in response to George Floyd’s death and from Black Lives Matter are the cause behind present COVID-19 spikes.
Amid pressure, it has come out that Black Lives Matter protests did, in fact, cause at least some surges in coronavirus, reports Breitbart News.

Black Lives Matter and Rises in Coronavirus

During a press conference yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discussed the presence and apparent rise of coronavirus.
In doing so, Garcetti was forced to admit the role that Black Lives Matter gatherings have played in spreading COVID-19. As seen in countless images and videos online, the aforementioned gatherings were void of social distancing with few participants wearing face masks.

While fielding questions from the press, the Los Angeles mayor confessed that “some of the spread” is a result of Black Lives Matter gatherings.
Interestingly enough, this candid admission flies in the face of health officials who previously asserted that left-wing groups didn’t post a risk of coronavirus transmission.

Leftist Support for BLM Gatherings

As Black Lives Matter gatherings took place, countless Democrat leaders supported them; some leftist big names even took things further by actually participating in the protests themselves.
The Los Angeles mayor has been one of the biggest cheerleaders of Black Lives Matter gatherings. Garcetti maintains that “racial justice” marches are necessary and not demonstrations that should simply “just disappear.”

In encouraging gatherings of this nature, the Los Angeles mayor did call upon participants to take certain precautions. This precautions include face masking, social distancing, and the regular use of hand sanitizer. Likewise, Garcetti states that participants in rallies should maintain physical distance from chanting and yelling individuals.
Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups continue to gather in different parts of the country. Thus far, these gatherings have yet to maintain any semblance of social distancing.
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