BLM Cofounder Resigns Over Lavish Lifestyle

"Black Lives Matter" by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In the most glorious form of irony, the co-founder of BLM came under scrutiny recently after living a lavish lifestyle, despite BLMs Marxist doctrines. She has since resigned. 

Criticism of the organization is not limited to the leader’s lifestyles, however. The group is responsible for widespread violence and rioting in many of America’s cities. The damage they have caused is most likely in multiple billions. 

“A Protester with London’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ March in Oxford Street – 8 July 2016” by alisdare1 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The co-founder came under criticism after she bought four homes in the US for about the value of 3.5 million dollars. She also showed interest in an ultra-exclusive resort in the Bahamas where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods both have homes. 

It’s clear she has damaged the organization; you simply cannot get away with calling yourself a socialist while running around buying up property worth millions of dollars.

It’s not only hypocritical, but reflects her intentions were never to uplift the black community. Several of her addresses are even in so-called rich white neighborhoods. 

What Message is She Sending to the Community?

Find a cause, be the loudest voice, cause the most damage, and you will never have to work another day in your life. Activism is great, if it’s for a good cause and the leaders of the movement lead by example.

In this regard, however, we have witnessed how several people, who don’t believe in their own agenda, have used violence and the threat of violence to gain massive amounts of personal wealth.

When Activism is a Good Thing

Activism can be a tremendous power for good. Organizations founded from conviction of the cause and not the desire for money usually go a long way to enact the change the world needs.

Much of the freedoms we enjoy in the modern world are a result of those few brave individuals who were not afraid to stand up and turn the course of history for a cause they were convicted to follow.

Take the women’s movement for example; although it’s been hijacked by radical feminists, the origins of this movement were pure and undisputed in the modern age. From the right to vote, menstrual sanitation, the right to work and be treated fairly in the workplace, etc., no one today would dare doubt the importance of this.

Why BLM is destined to fail

It became about money, power, and positions.

Like every socialist movement, the leadership ranks are filled with revolutionaries who (although are great at building the organization and fighting the good fight) soon become redundant as the mob they created and trained runs out of targets.

Infighting is common as members who joined out of a desire to make an impact, realize that the only path to achieve this is not through their actions, but by rising through the ranks in the organization.