Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Loot, Burn Seattle

"George Floyd Riot" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Chicago Crime Scenes

Different parts of the nation continue to deal with violent and dangerous riots. These riots have placed communities, citizens, and police officers in harm’s way, time and time again.
Violent social unrest is also attracting the attention of President Trump. Just earlier this month, the president stated that he’ll send in the federal government to sort out violence in U.S. cities if state and local leaders refuse to get it under wraps.

One of the most recent cities to face more violence and chaos is Seattle, Washington. Reports from Breitbart News confirm that Black Lives Matter demonstrators looted, pillaged, and rioted in Seattle during Sunday.

A Closer Look at the Latest Seattle Riots

Over the weekend, Black Lives Matter demonstrators took issue with the presence of law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This directly coincides with left-wing positions; back in 2018, top Democrats and left-wing protesters began their calls to defund ICE and now in 2020, they seek to defund the police.

As Black Lives Matter rioted, they also looted an Amazon Go store. Video footage of the incident showed mobs of violent demonstrators descending upon not only the building, but also police officers. BLM threw bottles, fireworks, and rocks at law enforcement while also screaming various obscenities.
Additional criminal acts carried out by demonstrators included the vandalism of the Seattle Municipal Court and Seattle Police Department. Police officers on the scene made several arrests and were forced to spread pepper spray in order to stop attacks from the vicious mob.

Silence from the Left

Similarly to other acts of violence and lawlessness from Black Lives Matter demonstrators, the left remains silent. Democrats have yet to come forward and condemn the very clear criminal behavior of not only Black Lives Matter, but also AntiFa.

In the midst of concerns about coronavirus, there is also left-wing silence regarding the implications of large gatherings without social distancing. However, Democrats in power are quick to criticize Trump supporters for gathering for a rally or Americans who peacefully protest against mandatory face mask orders.
The left’s silence regarding this weekend’s riots and destruction in Seattle marks a swift contrast from Republicans who have called out this behavior.
What do you make of the latest acts of destruction from Black Lives Matter in Seattle? Is it time to send in the federal government? Share your thoughts with us down below in the comments section.