Bill de Blasio Picks Fight with Trump to Get Noticed…

Many people are aware of the fact that President Trump’s existence is pretty much the center of present-day politics in America.
This is a reality which Democrats are hoping to politically cash in on; something which the nation has seen from Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City and one of many Democrats hoping to take on President Trump in 2020, as documented by Fox News.
Like other members of his party, De Blasio has elected to take shots at the president in the strides to further his name and perhaps do a little better in the polls.

Bill de Blasio on President Trump

During an appearance on CNN, De Blasio didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts regarding the president. As a matter of fact, if you let De Blasio tell it, he’s able to “get under [President Trump’s] skin.” Apparently, De Blasio believes that something like this will help him; like many Democrats, De Blasio believes that the best way to further get his name out there is by going after Trump in the hopes that he responds.
De Blasio stuck to many talking points during his time on air, even claiming that new Democrat investigations will result in the president being impeached from office. Democrats have been talking about impeachment since Trump got in office and it still hasn’t happened and will not happen because the president has not committed any impeachable offenses. However, we all know that Democrats never let facts get in the way of their delusions and fake news.

Earlier this month, President Trump shared his own thoughts about Bill de Blasio, a candidate who is currently pulling in a hard 0% amongst Democrat voters:

De Blasio’s Misguidance

In light of where De Blasio is standing in the polls, the last thing he should be focusing on is President Trump. If the mayor of New York City had any wits about him whatsoever, he would be concentrating on his campaign and putting together a message in order to appeal to the American people.
However, we all know that Democrats don’t truly care about the people of this great nation. They’ve proven this time and time again. No, instead, Democrats only care about getting in swipes towards President Trump and attempting to further their own political standing.
It is truly a shame.
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