Biden's Proposed Nationwide Lockdown Already Facing Opposition

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Biden is very much eager to get into office so that he can ram face masks and lockdowns down the American people’s throats. Even as this year’s presidential election continues to play out, Biden is looking to move forward and prepare for a transition to the White House.
The General Services Administration has made clear that Biden will not get the access or capital necessary for a White House transition until he’s officially certified as president-elect. However, this isn’t stopping Biden from attempting to move forward with his agenda for the United States.

At its core, Biden’s agenda for the nation is to reverse several Trump policies, increase taxes, bully state and local leaders into issuing mask mandates, and then shut down the nation. As states continue to count their votes and as election litigation plays out, Biden is in great haste to make these things happen.
However, the former vice president is already facing opposition, amid his remarks and the talking points of those surrounding Biden, confirms Breitbart News.

Saying No to a Nationwide Lockdown

A doctor on Biden’s coronavirus task force is already on record calling for a four to six-week shutdown. The former vice president has already stated that should he win the 2020 presidential election, he would “shut [the nation] down” if this advice came from “the scientists.”
However, Biden appeared to assume that all states would comply with him. According to Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, his state will not engage in a national lockdown. During an update regarding COVID-19, the Republican governor also blasted a weeks-long lockdown as “totally and completely beyond reasonableness” and against the innate workings of the economy.

On another note, Governor Reeves noted that despite the talking points of Biden and his aides, the former vice president would not have the constitutional jurisdiction to compel states into locking down. The Mississippi governor also indicated that should Biden get into office and attempt to force states into shutting down, he and others shall “certainly fight that.”

Where is the 2020 Presidential Race Going?

Earlier this morning, CNN projected Joe Biden as the winner of Arizona. The former vice president’s reported win comes amid multiple reports of systemic voting irregularities, ballots counted in secret, and more.
The Trump campaign continues to fight in court, citing innumerable affidavits and other reports of fraud. Dominion Voting Systems is now facing accusations from Trump and various whistleblowers of being intentionally programmed to transfer pro-Trump votes into pro-Biden ones.
At this time, there is no certified president-elect and the 2020 presidential race remains ongoing.
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