Biden’s Popularity Plummets Following Afghanistan Lies

Several things are weighing on President Biden’s popularity among citizens. Look no further than a surge in COVID cases (due to the extremely infectious delta strain), widespread condemnation of the US’ hasty withdrawal of troops and partners from Afghanistan, and rising inflation.

According to an NBC News survey issued on Sunday, the administration has 49 percent approval and 48 percent disapproval. In an NBC News poll conducted in April, Biden received 53 percent approval and 39 percent disapproval.

In an NBC News poll, Biden’s job approval fell below 50 percent for the first time. In a Gallup survey conducted between August 2-17, the president received 49 percent support and 48 percent disapproval. Only a quarter of respondents in the NBC News poll (which was taken August 14-17) indicated they support Biden’s handling of the crisis in Afghanistan, with 60% disagreeing.

After the Afghan military and government fell, oppressive Taliban forces soon grabbed control of Afghanistan’s capital. They took over the biggest city during a final U.S. troop pullout from the military conflict; shortly thereafter, the president ordered American soldiers to Kabul’s airfield.

In the recent poll, the president’s approval numbers for tackling the coronavirus epidemic were at 53 percent, down from 69 percent in April. Biden’s approval rating for managing the economy was 47 percent-49 percent, down from 52 percent-43 percent in April. In the NBC News poll, 1,000 persons were polled, comprising 790 eligible voters. The overall sample error for the poll was 3.1%.

Bidens Speech is Not Helping Him

Senators slammed President Biden’s White House address on Afghanistan during Friday, accusing him of misrepresenting the situation on the ground. Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas who served in the Afghan war, said Biden and his staff remain perilously detached from reality.

How many personal testimonies will it take for the White House to reconsider its position? Biden should order the military to halt the embarrassment, enlarge the boundary around Kabul airport, and evacuate Americans stranded inside enemy lines as soon as possible. The safety of the American people cannot be entrusted to the Taliban’s promise.

Biden’s assertion that al Qaeda is no longer active in Afghanistan was promptly disproved throughout a Friday afternoon press conference. Minutes later, Army spokesperson John Kirby agreed that al Qaeda has a presence in Afghanistan, but said that they do not constitute a substantial danger to the United States.

Biden Knows Little About the Situation on the Ground

Biden also stated that he is unaware of any instances in which American people have been denied access to the Kabul airport for removal, citing an existing Taliban agreement to facilitate safe transit.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin informed Congress earlier that several Americans were assaulted by the Taliban in Kabul; this is according to reports from Kirby, the Pentagon spokesperson.