Biden’s Popularity Drops Dramatically: No Support For Second Term

Even though Biden’s domestic policy is moving through Congress at an unexpectedly rapid pace for an election year, there has been a slight, noticeable political shift away from him.

This comes in the run-up to the midterm elections within his own party.

He’s on His Way Out

Legislators are wrangling over whether to support a second term for the 79-year-old president.

Biden polls badly in competitive areas, but House Democrats experience improved political prospects for themselves.

It’s not that they are early Biden supporters; rather, they see little benefit in adopting a strong stance when doing so may alienate either Independent voters or the party’s base.

Others find it difficult to comprehend why the issue is even being posed.

Patty Murray, the third-ranking Senate Democratic leader, said, “I don’t even see why that’s a topic today. In the liberal state of Washington, I’m up against a potential GOP recruiter in the fall.”

It’s sometimes understated, as when a Democrat says they’ll support Biden “if” he runs.

Rarely, like with Minnesota Democratic representatives, is it blunt. Dean Phillips and Angie Craig are urging a “new generation” of liberals to take power.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney first stated, during a discussion on Tuesday, she didn’t believe Biden would run for office again, but later clarified in repeated speeches that she would support him if he did.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, who is challenging her for reelection, stated in the same discussion it is “too early to say” if Biden would run.

When questioned about Biden, Sen. Mark Kelly stated, “If he stands for re-election, I’ll back him.”

Kelly stated, “I don’t spend very much time worrying about the head of the ticket.” Instead, Kelly is focused on enacting the Democrats’ tax, environment, and healthcare policies.

Another veteran who the Democrats are attempting to unseat this fall, Sen. Michael Bennett, stated simply Biden “indicated he’s going to campaign once more and that’s his choice to make.

Democratic Delusions

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am that Biden even considered running for president.”

“Out of 330 million Americans, he was the only one who could have defeated Trump,” remarked Bennet.

Earlier in the 2020 presidential race, Biden amassed a significant amount of Hill support, notably from House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn.

According to Democrats, because of his electability advantages against Trump, Biden defeated many opponents, including some Democratic congressmembers who were already in office.

According to current polls, he represents the former president’s potentially most significant challenge in a rematch.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates stated President Biden “reiterated he plans to seek re-election,” adding that “right now, his emphasis is not on himself, but on the consequences for families, due to disparities between our programs” and Republicans.