Biden's Physical, Mental Health Currently in Question

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Throughout the 2020 election race, questions about Biden’s physical and mental health have remained very much present. While seeking the White House, the former vice president repeatedly stammered; during multiple speeches, he lost his train of thought, mixing up times, names, and locations.
Even as this year’s presidential race remains heavily disputed and litigated, issues with Biden’s health aren’t going away. As a matter of fact, they’re becoming more and more talked about.

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Last week, Dr. Ronny Jackson sat down with Breitbart News to discuss the quality of Biden’s health. While participating in this interview, Jackson shared some interesting information that Americans need to be made aware of.

Dr. Jackson on the Mental and Physical Health of Biden

Jackson has served as a doctor for multiple U.S. presidents, including Trump. While speaking with Breitbart News, the doctor informed that Biden is suffering from serious health issues and therefore being “medicated.”
Roughly one week ago, Americans learned that Biden slipped and fractured his foot, thereby causing him to need a walking boot for going out. Jackson acknowledged that while anyone could have an accident of this nature, there’s a pattern of the former vice president having “good days” and “bad days” regarding his physical and mental health.

Jackson then informed Breitbart News that Biden is currently in a “transition period” as he comes down with cognitive problems that are simply age-related. Likewise, the doctor informed that Biden wouldn’t make it in the White House for one year before he was removed and replaced with Kamala Harris as president.
Finally, Jackson declared that he believes ousting Biden and replacing him with Harris was Democrats’ “grand plan” from the get. This point arrived after the doctor declared that Biden simply lacks the “physical ability,” “cognitive resources,” and stamina to lead America.

Biden’s Handlers on His Health

Throughout the 2020 race, Biden and his handlers repeatedly brushed aside any and all concerns pertaining to the former vice president’s health. Nonetheless, it is something that Americans have real concerns about.
Ultimately, time will tell what Biden’s health has in store. Even with the most determined handlers, there are only so many health issues someone can conceal from the public when they’re under a microscope.
For now, however, Americans will have to wait for the completion of the 2020 election litigation; this will determine whether or not Biden makes it in the Oval Office after all.
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