Who’s Really Running the Biden White House?

Joe Biden will attend the United Nations climate summit in Scotland starting on Sunday, with one-third of his government; this comes as a high-profile display of strength, amid urgent domestic challenges.

Half of the Cabinet is gone

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, and Economic Development Council Director Brian Deese are just among some of the Biden officials overseas.

Others include Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, and Agricultural Production Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Finally, USAID Superintendent Samantha Power, NOAA Supervisor Rick Spinrad, White House Office of Technology and Science Policy Director Eric Lander, and EPA Superintendent Michael Regan are among the other attendees at the convention.

John Kerry, as well as Gina McCarthy, two of Biden’s environmental aides, will also be in Scotland. The list of Biden government participants was initially reported by CNN.

The list was confirmed by the White House to Fox News. A large number of senior government officials in attendance indicates Biden’s commitment to his climate agenda.

In a Twitter post, Biden stated, “Changing climate is the fundamental threat to mankind. In a few days, I’ll be in Glasgow for @COP26 to show the world we’re committed to getting to a net-zero pollution economy by 2050.”

One-third of Biden’s Cabinet will be represented by the eight members who will attend. Multiple members of the governmental line of succession, excluding the president, will attend the meeting.

The first, second, and third in order of succession all reside in the United States, ensuring the most vital individuals for the continuation of government remain on American territory.

Vice President Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, and Senate President Patrick Leahy of Vermont are the three.

Significant domestic concerns persist as prominent officials attend the summit

For many individuals, hyperinflation is driving up the prices of products, with gas costs reaching their highest possible level since 2014. There are limitations on supplies from alcohol, as well as coffee to autos and meals, due to a supply chain issue.

From Los Angeles through Savanah, Georgia, ships are backed up at American ports. However, Florida has made clear its ports are open for business around the clock. In the meantime, Biden’s economic plan is having trouble getting past Congress.

Progressives extended their blockage of the bipartisan infrastructure program Democrats planned to enact before Biden arrived at the climate summit, despite a visit from the president on Thursday.

The support of Biden’s scaled-back plan by the Congressional Progressive Caucus on Thursday was a significant step forward for Democrats. However, Senate moderates have yet to commit to voting for a reconciliation plan and there are still major policy differences that Democrats must resolve.