Biden’s Mandatory Vaccine for the Military Backfires

A collection of federal employees (notably numerous military personnel) are challenging the Biden government over two laws requiring all federal employees and military members to get COVID-19 vaccines.

The Administration Does This Simply for Control

The case was brought by a collection of plaintiffs comprising four Air Force members and a Secret Service agent. They claim “Americans have stayed dormant for far too long as our nation’s elected representatives continue to indulge their ravenous cravings for power.”

On September 23, ten petitioners filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court in Washington, requesting the judge issue an injunction against President Biden’s vaccine requirements. These requirements apply to all government staff members, as well as all personnel of the US military.

The complaint alleges the requirements violate the First Amendment’s safeguards for religious liberty. As per the Post, both orders allow for religious and medical exceptions if one qualifies.

The case (drafted by lawyers in Virginia, as well as San Diego) features vituperative wording for a legal filing. It blames the government’s “dictatorial grasp” and the nation’s “forty-seven-year servitude” to Biden’s “vapid political career,” according to the Post.

In September, Biden signed an order requiring all government employees and contractors to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccination requirement was part of a bigger strategy revealed by Biden to fight the viral disease.

This included a rule requiring all businesses in the United States with at least 100 workers to either ensure their personnel is immunized or checked weekly for COVID-19.

Biden Doesn’t Know How the Vaccine Works

While issuing his orders, Biden added, “This is an epidemic of the unprotected. It’s related to the fact that regardless of free vaccinations offered in 80,000 places for approximately five months, nearly 80 million Americans have yet to receive the vaccine.”

“To complicate things further, elected representatives are actively seeking to derail the campaign against COVID-19,” Biden added. “Rather than encouraging more people to get immunized and wear protective gear, they’re organizing mobile mortuaries to care for the unprotected who are dying from COVID in their towns. This is unacceptably bad.”

After Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin declared in August all U.S. service personnel must be immunized, Biden took a new strategy to the disease. Two personnel members (Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Hollie Mulvihill and Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Robert) put forth a lawsuit late last month in response to the order.

“Service personnel who have developed natural resistance as a result of surviving the virus should be given a medical exemption from mandatory vaccination. DoD guidance policy tends to reflect the well-established knowledge that previous infection offers the immune response the best possible reaction to the viral infection,” according to the civil suit.

As the military presses forward with vaccinating any unvaccinated service personnel, the two filed a request for an injunction to stop the vaccine order last week.