Biden’s Government is a Mafia of Misinformation

If Democrats and other disillusioned persons want to know why so many Americans are unconcerned about the Capitol protest, they only have to look at the Biden government’s shameful reply to the leak of a Supreme Court’s draft ruling.

They can also look at the growing dangers from the radical left that potentially harm the justices, their families, and the court as a whole.

It Keeps Getting Worse

It’s worse than not responding at all. It’s even worse than a hasty reaction.

The exorbitant, usual case, the burn-it-down attitude of woke progressives is implicated in the Biden government and Democrat Party activists: a government by thugs.

“On January 6, I believed President Trump must be fired. I still believe that. Democrats tainted the impeachment process because they couldn’t help themselves.”

“Instead of conducting a thorough investigation and creating impeachment charges that were timely, they used impeachment to further their racialist agenda.”

“The impeachment seemed not so much an attempt to remove Trump, who was unaffected.”

It was a smear campaign against Trump fans and conservatives in general, who were portrayed as homegrown, white supremacist terrorists.

Democrats also established groundwork for progressive activists to sue congressional Republicans who supported Trump’s deceptive “Stop the Steal” lines of attack in Congress and the courts, attempting to disqualify them as “subversives” under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Democrats Get It All Wrong

Trump, on the other hand, should have been condemned for two reasons.

First, the “Stop the Steal” con, based on limited evidence of vote-rigging, was a deliberate undermining of the states’ constitutional power over presidential races.

It was thus a grave breach of the president’s primary responsibility to protect the Constitution and faithfully carry out the laws of the land.

Second, the president acted irresponsibly by neglecting to use his executive powers and his clout among his followers to resist and put down an insurrection in the Capitol.

Instead of safeguarding the Capitol, Congress members, and the vice president, the president vacillated between inaction and provoking rhetoric that jeopardized their safety.

He could have stopped the chaos by quickly ordering the rioters to disperse and backing up his words with some firm regulatory action.

Republicans have chosen to ignore these inexcusable features of executive malfeasance. As a consequence, the January 6 committee is now investigating what should have been done 17 months ago.

The committee wants to host eight dramatic hearings next month in the hopes of shocking an uninterested public. It will be a fruitless endeavor.

Not merely because the appropriate moment has passed. Not even because the Democratic leadership has so stacked the committee’s composition that any useful work it does would be rejected as partisan exaggeration by the majority of the people.