Biden’s FCC Nominee Cut Checks to 12 Senators Who Voted for Her!

The Biden administration is no stranger to questionable ethics. The same goes for the president’s pick for the Federal Communications Committee, whose nomination was surrounded by a number of issues.

Senator Ted Cruz took issue with the fact that Gigi Sohn gave away donations to a dozen Democratic senators, including some other sweetheart agreements some have testified she was a part of.

Bribery among the Democratic elites

In the third round of hearings, Cruz made his attitude on the matter public, asking Sohn herself if she thinks her actions were proper and ethical.

That’s seeing as no other nominee has ever made donations while their nomination was pending, at least in the ten years Cruz has been in the Senate.

Instead of apologizing for her actions, Sohn tried to defend herself, claiming she was merely another person who wanted to participate in the “democratic process,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

No matter what claims she makes, it’s hard to deny that donating money to 12 senators while being nominated for a position they’ll be voting on is foul play.

On top of this, Cruz also disclosed details regarding the so-called sweetheart deal that Sohn was a part of. This is yet another mistake on her part, as she didn’t report any of the details to the federal government.

The deal in question happened while Sohn was working at Locast, a streaming service that is currently defunct.

Hiding information from the federal government

With her legal knowledge, Sohn took on a lawsuit against the company, which claimed the company was infringing on TV copyrights, reducing a $32M fine to only $700k.

Thing is, Sohn would’ve been let off the hook, had she simply reported this to the Senate in her first hearing. She didn’t even inform the White House of the deal until after she was nominated.

In her defense, the FCC nominee claimed she was unable to disclose the “sensitive” information pertaining to the deal, as she was bound by the settlement’s confidentiality agreement.

However, the agreement only prevented her from speaking to the media or the press about it, not the federal government, which is most certainly not part of either of the two.

Cruz went on to criticize Sohn’s hypocritical stance on free speech, mainly due to her history of censoring conservatives, bringing up her remarks about Fox News being a “danger to US democracy” and so on and so forth.

On the other hand, the Democrats are dead-set on confirming Sohn to the FCC, with Commerce chair Ben Ray Lujan stating every day without a functioning FCC will result in additional smears on Sohn’s nomination.

Thankfully, Cruz isn’t a man known for backing down too easily. Sohn will probably have to battle out these accusations on her own if she’s planning on continuing her political career.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.